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Pfalz 2017 What is quality with regard to wine? Can it be measured? When can a wine be regarded as good and how should a Riesling taste in order to be described as good? These are questions that Martin Darting, Christina Braun, Philipp Kercher and Inge Mainzer, the founders of the PAR Institute, are dealing with. Their answers make clear that quality is something very rich in varieties.

Unlike usual, they do not judge a wine against the backdrop of a predefined norm nor with non-transparent, often hedonistic criteria. But in relation to the specific origin of the wine and the intended stylistics of the winemaker. At the PAR Institute, quality assurance is about documenting for winegrowers and distributors, WHY a wine tastes like it tastes and how it will the received by the consumer.

The institute works according to the PAR ® method developed by Martin Darting. The wines are analysed on the basis of their sensorial active ingredients and subsequently evaluated. The objectified sensory examination is the heart of the method. Subjective, or even hedonistic argumentation (such as "complex, delicious, great, harmonious") are off-limits within PAR®.

The founders of the institute are experts in sensorial analytics while at the same time practicing winemakers and oenologists. This way, they can show the causes of the sensory effect of a wine and give the winemaker helpful feedback for his work in the vineyard and cellar. As seminar leaders and lecturers they are also in constant exchange with end consumers, wine merchants and sommeliers. This provides them with up-to-date insights into the requirements of market participants.

For winemakers this provides the following benefits:
1. At a glance, he can see in the documentation of the wine assessment, WHY (not only HOW) his wine was valued with the respective result.
2. The results of the PAR analysis serve as a constructive indication for  of his work in the vineyard or cellar. He gets clear hints on which 'set screws' he can apply so that his wines can be placed on the market in the future.
3. He receives convincing wine descriptions and food recommendations for the marketing of his wines, which appeal to the ’suitable’ customers.

If we have aroused your curiosity, you can test us!
Sensory analysis according to PAR© methodology
Price:  55€
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The offer is valid till 15.12.2017 and applies for 3 Wines.
contact: or +49 6322 9559315

If you want to go a step further, the experts of the PAR Institute gladly support the practical implementation of the findings from the quality analysis. The intensity of this advisory service is subject to the individual needs of each winery. It ranges from impulsive accompaniment to active support. The goal for the people of the PAR Institute is always the successful marketing of the wines of their clients.

The quality assessment according to PAR has proven itself since 2007 in the quality assurance and assortment design for wine merchants as well as in the international wine competitions of WINE System AG (